Rates and Pricing


Co-wheels makes using a car club affordable

  • Pay a one-off joining fee to join the club
  • Hire a car per hour (charged in 15-minute increments), plus a small mileage fee.
  • Discounted day and overnight rates for longer hires.
  • No need to pay for fuel – a fuel card is kept in the car.
  • Our insurance deal is very favourable – particularly for young drivers.

How much does it cost to hire a car?

Hire charges are priced per hour (in 15 minute increments), per day, or overnight, plus a small mileage fee for non electric cars. All prices include VAT.



Size Medium Large
Car type Yaris Hybrid Auris Hybrid
Per Hour £5.50 £6.25
Overnight £11.00 £12.50
Per Day £38.50 £43.75
Per Mile +£0.18 +£0.18


Overnight 8pm to 8am
Per Day Any continuous 24 hour period.



How much does it cost to join?

Individual Organisation
Joining fee £25 £25
This one-off fee covers the cost of your application, smart card and welcome pack.
Additional driver £15 £12
You can add as many drivers to your account as you wish.
Monthly minimum spend £5
This is like a membership fee, except if you make a booking that costs at least £5, you effectively don’t pay it!

What if I cancel my booking?

We understand that sometimes your plans will change, so we offer flexible charges for cancelled bookings.

If you cancel your booking… You pay…
More than two hours before the booking starts Nothing
Less than two hours before the booking starts, or after it has started 100% of the booking cost


Are there any other charges?

Penalty charges Up to £25
If you don’t follow the rules and your behaviour causes another member inconvenience, you may be charged a penalty. (e.g. returning a car late, leaving the car messy). We usually charge penalties as a last resort.
Replacement smart card £5
If you lose your smart card we may charge you for a replacement.
Failed payments £5
If we are unable to process a payment, we may charge you a fee.
Unpaid fines £15
Including congestion fees and parking fines.

What if I have an accident?

Should you be unlucky enough to have an accident for which you are deemed to be at fault, you are liable to be charged an insurance excess of £600 if you are aged 22 or over, or £750 for members aged 21 or under.