Co-wheels Shropshire is a not for profit car club and is part of the national  Co-wheels network. We are one of  over 50 Co-wheels car clubs in the UK, ranging  from city centre to smaller community led and owned car club operations.

We aim to provide cost-effective, flexible access to a car when you need it. This is what some of our members say:

Being a member of Co-wheels has allowed us to move from a two to a one car family, saving around £1,500 a year. Owning a car for the occasional work journey was a big financial drain. A car has always been available when I needed it and easy to collect and return. It’s encouraged us to walk more often too, lowering our carbon footprint. D.A. Shrewsbury

In Ludlow owning a car is not an option for a lot of people and can be a liability due to the lack of parking spaces available. Co-wheels is a real bonus as it gives me the option to have a car available just about whenever I need it, without the hassle and expense of having to own one. R.E. Ludlow

We have six cars available in Shrewsbury and Ludlow – all are fuel-efficient Fords, of various sizes. Co-wheels Shropshire members also can book and use any car in the Co-wheels network across the UK.

Co-wheels Shropshire is a registered Community Interest Company and is managed locally by a board of voluntary directors.